Is there anything I should do to my home to help ensure the maximum sales price?
Yes! There is a huge benefit to making sure your home looks its best prior to offering it for sale. There are also small home improvement jobs that will more than pay for themselves. We will advise you on how to increase your home’s marketability during our listing consultation.
How often will you advertise my home?
We don’t just list homes, we market them! We will make sure your home is marketed to its full potential to buyers around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We will customize your marketing plan to reach the profile of buyers most likely to purchase your home. We know how to thoroughly utilize the power of the Internet and social media while also using traditional methods such as yard signs and open houses.
What if another agent tells me they can get me more money?
Some agents will quote a higher listing price just to get your business. An overpriced house will not sell for as much as one priced appropriately. Typically, homes that start out overpriced end up selling for far less because by the time the price is lowered to within the market range, the buyers who would have purchased your home are already gone, the initial new listing buzz is gone, and your home has become stale on the market. If we work together, we will be forthright and honest and conduct extensive market research prior to recommending a price.
Do I have any responsibilities during the listing/marketing of my home?
Yes! Your primary job during the sale of your home is to do what we cannot do for you - Keep your home neat and clean! Staging, which includes everything from furniture and decor placement to home fragrance, will ensure your home shows in its best light. We will advise you with tips, tricks, and quick fixes. You are not alone! We will walk you though it all!
What happens once I get an offer?
We will present each and every offer to you along with what we think are your best offer strategies to move forward. Based on what you decide, we then negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal. Once you have accepted an offer, we guide you through the entire closing/escrow process to ensure everything proceeds timely and smoothly. We do not pass you off to someone else during this time - We are with you to closing and after!
My house isn't a million dollar house. Can I still work with you?
Yes! While we love our million dollar listings, we don't just list million dollar homes. We would love to learn more about you and your goals. Give us a call!
I am a buyer thinking about purchasing a new home. Can you help?
Yes! Amy started her real estate career working for a custom new home builder. Wes Green has also worked for a new home builder. Our experience has given us inside information that can help you. Give us a call before you start visiting new home builders to put yourself in the best negotiating position.
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